Dance Music Number One

Dance Music Number One



Vanilla Ice – To The Extreme (CDA-1991)

01- Ice Ice Baby
02- Yo Vanilla
03- Stop The Train
04- Hooked
05- Ice Is Workin It
06- Life Is A Fantazy
07- Play That Funky Music
08- Dancin
09- Go Ill
10- Its A Party
11- Juice To Get Loose Boy
12- Ice Cold
13- Rosta Man
14- I Love You
15- Havin A Roni

√ Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme (CDA-1990)

Vanilla Ice - Vanilla Ice Is Back - Hip Hop Classics (CDA-2008)

01-  Ice Ice Baby
02-  You Dropped A Bomb On Me
03-  Fight The Power
04-  Jump Around
05-  Baby Got Back
06-  You Gots To Chill
07-  I Got It Made
08-  Buffalo Soldier
09-  Treat Em Right
10-  Insane In The Brain
11-  Ice Ice Baby (Rock Hero Mix)
12-  Ice Ice Baby (Club Crasher Mix)
13-  Ice Ice Baby (New Romantic Mix)

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